Lewis Wright - A profile.

"Do you know who I am?"
Sitting Bull, question directed to a delegation of U.S. senators, Standing Rock Sioux reservation, 1883

Well travelled, well read, well... human.

Coder, BSc (Honours) Geography, Ex-Scuba Diver, with an interest in French House, geopolitics and Romans..

Hello, I'm Lewis Wright

I have a passion for computers, coding and creating.

I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a B.Sc. (Honours) in Geography. I am an adaptable, motivated and enthusiastic person with a passion for any role I am in. I am objective, detailed and task focused able to use my head to go above and beyond what is expected of me.

I volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, Furniture and Electrical Store regularly; My role there involves various tasks that require a good work ethic, I am responsible for stock display, money management, customer relations and some administrative work, including troubleshooting IT issues. I have also previously worked as an Outbound Associate at Amazon, as Bar Staff at Doncaster Sub Aqua Club, and helped manage and increase sales and tourist footfall at the Isis Bazaar in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. All these roles have taught me to manage myself well and how to build relationships with customers.

I have also previously worked as a Web Developer at SVM Europe, Here I helped to provide IT support and develop web applications using HTML, SQL, CSS, Bootstrap, C#, JavaScript, jQuery and ASP.NET MVC 5.

I learnt to Scuba Dive Whilst attending sixth form, having dived many reefs and underwater features in the Red Sea and here in Britain; I also have a full UK Driving licence.

I have travelled to many different countries, including travelling to Egypt; I have begun to pick up some Arabic whilst there. I have also travelled to places as far apart as Thailand, America, Sri Lanka, China and Greece. The various cultures I have encountered and my enthusiasm for learning more about a culture has meant that I can communicate well even with language or cultural barriers.

I have a keen interest in History, particularly the history of the Roman Republic and Empire, I have over time developed a keen eye for detail and I am very motivated to succeed.


Software Developer, DFS, Doncaster

(November 2015 - June 2017)
  • Coding in Informix-4GL and Informix-SQL mostly.
  • Knowledge of IBM AIX operating system
  • Ocassional bits of CSS, HTML and Microsoft SQL Server etc.
  • Creating programmes from scratch which are user friendly and meet the needs of the business, along with adapting existing programmes to meet the needs of the business.
  • Punctual and dedicated to the job.

Volunteer, British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical, Danum House, Doncaster

(Formerly located in the Waterdale Centre, Doncaster)
(October 2014 - Present)
  • Dealing with people in a polite and courteous manner, both face to face and via telephone, liaising with colleagues and organising various staff roles.
  • Educating various staff members and volunteers on IT systems, safety and manual handling.
  • IT maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • Visual Merchandising and Stock Generation
  • Responsible for moving and displaying stock.
  • Trained to function test electronics, often using my initiative to discover the safety and problems of a product.
  • Trained on the till systems, which involved handling large sums of money and having to organise deliveries and the costing of certain items.
  • Responsible for stock generation, increasing stock by more than 20% in two weeks.
  • Responsible for fundraising and customer relations locally.
  • Punctual and dedicated to the job.

Web Developer (Work Experience), SVM Europe, Rotherham

(March 2015– May 2015)
  • Developed further knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Developed knowledge of C#, ASP.NET MVC 5. helping build a large application in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 which relied on both server side and client side development, along with other parts of development
  • Building several complex projects using the MVC model.
  • Developed the ability to test and troubleshoot web applications across devices and browsers.
  • Developed complex web applications.
  • Developed adaptable code with many uses.
  • Provided technical support within the business.
  • Punctual and dedicated to the job.

Temporary Warehouse Operative (Nights), Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Doncaster

(October 2014 – January 2015)
  • Ensuring customer fulfilment of orders within set time frames.
  • Motivated to succeed, often charged with motivating others.
  • Trained in various processes, requiring a range of different skills.
  • Exceeded targets every day, reaching a 120%+ of targets on average.
  • Helped co-workers with various tasks, above what was expected by the company.
  • Achieved most 4-week goals within 2-3 days.
  • Punctual and dedicated to the job.

Bar Staff, Doncaster Sub Aqua Club

(2011- 2013)
  • Responsible for the till being kept correctly and managing money.
  • Dealing with people in a polite and courteous manner, both face to face and occasionally via telephone.
  • Responsible for making sure people were receiving what they ordered in a timely manner, often within tight deadlines and with an extensive queue.
  • Offering a list of items and prices from memory on a regular basis.
  • Responsible for Z-reads and ensuring the correct float at the end of the day.
  • Punctual and dedicated to the job.

English Language Manager, Isis Bazaar, Sharm El Sheikh

(July 2009 – September 2013) (Non-continuous role, usually for 4 to 8 weeks during busy summer season.)
  • Dealing with people in a polite and courteous manner, liaising with colleagues, organising language specialisations and organising various staff roles.
  • Enabled many parts of advertising and signage to have native english translations.
  • Responsible for increasing tourist footfall, and therefore increasing sales.
  • Basic IT and telephone maintenance.
  • Local advertising and brand awareness
  • Liaised with other local businesses as to ways to improve experiences of tourists whilst also increasing sales.
  • Responsible for making decisions as to product placement and what would work in the customer environment.
  • Handled large sums of money and having to organise costings and currency conversions, often memorising each days rate, and costs versus products sales for USD, EUR, GBP, EGP, SAR and RUB. Worked all rates into a daily total of sales and profits.
  • Punctual and dedicated to the job.

Education & Qualifications

Native Speaker of English.
I learnt French to a basic level in school, still able to read French to a basic level.
I am at a Conversational level of Spoken Egyptian Arabic, most of my ability in Arabic is in discussing pricing and values. Able to read Eastern Arabic numerals and some basic words. (٠ ١ ٢ ٣ ٤ ٥ ٦ ٧ ٨ ٩)

  • Graduate Steps to Success, Doncaster College

    (October 2015):
    • City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service
    • CIEH Health and Safety in the workplace Qualification
    • CIEH Emergency First Aid at work Qualification
  • Graduate Accelerator Programme, Doncaster

    (February 2015)
    Workshops included:
    • Working in a Team
    • Mastering Communication Skills
    • Customer Service
    • Innovation
    • Customer Service
    • Presentation Skills
    • Social Media Skills
  • University of Central Lancashire

    (September 2011 – July 2014)
    • B.Sc. Geography (Honours)
  • Hallcross Sixth Form

    (September 2009 – June 2011)
    • Geography
    • History
    • Politics
  • Ridgewood Secondary School

    (September 2004 – June 2009)
    • 16 GCSEs, grade A-C, including Maths, English, IT and Sciences
    • NVQ Level 1 Business French

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