Spore Downloads.

To save the Spore Creations to your computer, just click the pictures then place them in

Windows XP:
* "My Spore Creations" is located in your "My Documents" folder.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1:
* "My Spore Creations" is located in your “Documents” folder.

Mac OS X:
* "My Spore Creations" is located in your “Documents” folder.

All spore creations are in PNG format.

Then put the creations in the appropriate folder
For example I would put Cellbivore in the "My Spore Creations\Cells" Folder


Please note that some cells were created with the secret cell editor with 5 pages of parts
to acess this editor add a new shortcut and put this in the target line:
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe" -state:CellEditor


Both advanced and early. some created with the assymetrical hack.

The Grox is made from the ingame version but has "illegal parts" including eyes removed or replaced.
This makes the Grox playable.
You can play them in the Tribal, Civilisation and Space stages and if you use the "evoadvantage" cheat you can use them in the Creature stage.
A list of cheats is at the bottom of this page.

Locations On Disk

Spore keeps your creatures, movies, pictures,
and animated avatars in a folder called "My Spore Creations".
The location of this folder depends on your OS as stated above.

Spore also keeps a cache of the graphics assets for pollinated
content you have downloaded. If you are short on disk space,
try reducing the size of that cache in the graphics options.


All cheats are case sensitive
So "adddna" will not work but "addDNA" will

Adds 150 DNA points
(in cell & creature stage.)

Replenish health and other motives

Gives you more money in the
Civilization and Space stages

Unlocks all superweapons

Unlocks and recharges all
Space stage creation tools

Toggles Free Camera mode

setConsequenceTrait trait_name

Sets consequence trait

Trait Names:
cell carnivore cell_herbivore
cell_omnivore creature_aggressive
creature_social creature_mixed
tribe_aggressive tribe_social
tribe_mixed civ_military
civ_economic civ_religious
space_bard space_ecologist
space_zealot space_diplomat
space_scientist space_trader
space_shaman space_warrior
space_wanderer space_knight

SetTime (1-24),(0-59)
example: SetTime 13,49
Hours then mins
Sets the time of day, this can also be used as a speed multiplier

Saves image of your planet to your AnimatedAvatars directory

Toggles display of user interface in screen-shots

styleFilter -filmNoir
Toggle monochrome background and creatures

styleFilter -oilpaint
Toggle oil painting background and creatures

stylefilter -none
Reset view to normal

makes all creatures etc. blocky

Removes all hints

List console commands

help (command)
Explains action and usage of a command

help -full
Extended help for commands

Exit to Desktop

To Be updated with buildings, vehicles, spaceships, sets, Tribe Civ and Space Creatures

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