Total War Modifications

"AUC/YYYY" years ago the city of Rome was founded (ab urbe condita). The seeds were sown that would grow into one of the largest empires ever seen, This empire inspired one of the greatest strategy games ever, a game I have been playing, and modifying for years.

My fascination with gaming started with the Settlers 3 in 1998, and has developed over many different projects, but my coding life since 2004 has been mostly spent modifying the Creative Assembly's Total War series.
It started with Rome Total War, a strategy game based in antiquity. Since then it has led to my modification of many of the games I play, including Zoo Tycoon 2, The Sims and Other games. Still to this day do I modify Rome Total War, and the two most recent releases in the Total War series, Total War: Rome II and Total War: Attila. My most extensive knowledge is in modifying Rome Total War, where I have completely customised my own game, creating extensive expansion on the vanilla gameplay, including new factions, entirely new rosters, fully reasearched historical events, cities and units and completely new style for the game.

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