The Sims:


I created many different objects for The Sims since around 2005.

On 6th July 2007 I started Yahoo Groups and Geocities Page for my creations, called Lefty Sims, it was my place to share my creations for the Sims with the world, gaining a small following and releasing various modifications and hacks for the game. Influenced by C&C Enterprises and many other "vanilla +" hacks. All my downloads from that era can be found on the Lefty Sims Yahoo Group

Cloning policy:

Any original objects/ingame entities/code/images (like the sunny side flamingo) you are free to clone modify recolour etc so long as credit is given to me, and the file must not require money to acquire it or files it requires (whether it be a donation or subscription.)

Items outside of the Cloning Policy:
All objects I have created from other people beautiful objects etc. please also credit them when creating from my derivative and check out their cloning policies before sharing(Most items I clone will have the same rights as this cloning policy). If their website has gone under, try contacting the creator of the original object to gain information on their cloning policy.
On top of any limitations they have put, I allow sharing of derivative work within scope of my cloning policy, please take whichever parts of each cloning policy are stricter as the complete cloning policy.

Adblock software sometimes interferes with the display of screen-shots on the following pages, please disable adblock software if you are missing images in this download section (I never run pop-up or intrusive advertising).