Zoo Tycoon 2 Downloads.

With all downloads on this page are in .z2f format, this format is used by the game executable. they are unpackable the same as a .zip format. most files are .xml files and are editable with notepad or a similar programme.

My King Sago Hack - The Money Maker

This Hack Makes The king Sago tree $10 and shell out on recycling $10,000, also makes it water Placable.
Download here
Mirror 1

My Filters

Sorts out the s_product in the filter menu, want your filter done PM me at ZT2DC
Please see the guides at the bottom of the page for more infomation:

Bouncebag Filter
Filters content created by ME

Badisbadis101 and octavio filter
Filters content created by user Badisbadis101 and Octavio

Silesian Tomcat
Filters content created by the user Silesian Tomcat

"False" Filters
Filters content with no name attached like the Mini Pony or Red River Hog, will appear as No Filter or False

I have also created one for horse passion, but this filter will be released with the Horse Passion Pack.

Easy Fossils

Fed up of paying for Fossil Finders, tired of hard memory consuming animal zapping, well my friend waste no more.
No wage for paleontologists and No upkeep & No building cost for Fossil Lab. all fossils zappable as 1/2 star fossils (still have to find them though) (two rows no ???) create super animals easily. even works on user created fossils (like The Caspian tiger by kang), it also increase the chance of getting a "Killer penguin" and the amount you can have in one zoo(from 1 now 10

Updated version 25/02/2013: No waiting time for creation zapper. and instead of 8 gestures, now only 4 (one row no ???) 

Download 2013 Updated version (do not need original)
Mirror (2013 Updated version)

Download Original
Mirror (original)

As requested by a fan of the Easy Fossils mod (December 2017), I ended up looking at the Marine Mania animal training, which like the Fossil zapper uses "gestures". It simplifies the gestures to all be like stage one of the tricks. Download


Downloads directory also available at Bouncebag's Zoo Tycoon Universe
Some downloads formerly available at Zoo Tycoon Hideout, various versions and further modifications of my files can also be found.
Want to host my downloads, incorporate them into your public modifications or packs, release an adapted version, or wish to reproduce my guides? Or if you are experiencing any problems with the downloads, contact me here or on ZT2DC

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