Zoo Tycoon 2 Projects.

I began my journey into the flora and fauna of the gaming world with the Original Zoo Tycoon in 2001. Creating several rather popular downloads including some animals, buildings and a few mods that changed parts of the game, sadly these have been lost to the movements of time (and a fan website shutting down)

However my Zoo Tycoon 2 Downloads are mostly still available here
During my time playing and modifying Zoo Tycoon 2 I was involved with a website run by members of Artifex, a fan group who created extensive modifications and expansions for the game, including the Arabian Nights and Island Excursions Expansions. I tested and modified downloads for members of the Zoo Tycoon Designing Centre, the site run by members of Artifex, and I am semi active, providing knowledge on code and game behaviours to this day.
I am able to code of all aspects of the game, from staff and building parameters, to campaign goals, to animal behaviours. Almost all my created work can be found on the linked page.
along side my downloads I followed many of the senior members of the community by writing guides to help others to emulate my coding. Including how to code an animals endagerment level and a basic guide on creating filters within the game.

I created many downloads for Zoo tycoon, many were well recieved by the community and can be found on a range of fan sites, and also intergrated in other peoples mods (with my permission and perhaps without), including my rather popular "Easy Fossils" mod for the last expansion of the game which was a hefty chunk of coding (mostly in XML format) to remove the challenging aspects of a fossil-zapping mini-game to enable younger and less-able players to gain levels of excitement and game advancement in the later stages of the game.

Easy Fossils - Fed up of paying for Fossil Finders, tired of hard memory consuming animal zapping, well my friend waste no more.
No wage for paleontologists and No upkeep & No building cost for Fossil Lab. all fossils zappable as 1/2 star fossils (still have to find them though) (two rows no ???) create super animals easily. even works on user created fossils (like The Caspian tiger by kang), it also increase the chance of getting a "Killer penguin" and the amount you can have in one zoo(from 1 now 10)

Updated version 25/02/2013: No waiting time for creation zapper. and instead of 8 gestures, now only 4 (one row no ???) 

I have gained an extensive knowledge of the worlds animals and biomes from modifying and playing this game. I have also picked up skills for comparing and contrasting files, and also integrating various files and making versions of files compatible.

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