B.E. Sports Massage Front-end Development


My friend, Ben Elliot, approached me to develop a front end for his business's website in March 2017, as his current website was poorly designed and did not fit the needs of his business.

I had a look at his old website and realised nothing from it was worth saving and would therefore not be based on the old website.

First Stages

I looked into several bootstrap templates to save time and help get Ben's website up and running as soon as possible.

When I settled on a template that was acceptable and usable I had to write some HTML, JavaScript and CSS to customise the template to the needs of the website.


Using my knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, I created an easy to use website which clearly displays what the user needs and promotes the business clearly.

I utilised some scripts such as my copyright and favicons scripts. I also had to utilise a raster graphics editor (GIMP) to design various logos and images for use on the website.


The website has since been taken down however it was fully functional which was lacking on the older website

In doing this project I have learnt how to convert a clients brief into an actual result and furthered my knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS

"Lewis was fantastic with the coding, everything was done to a professional standard. Despite me being inexperienced and having a few bad experiences with other organisations, Lewis helped me and showed me the right way of doing it. Happy with my website, would recommend 100%"
Ben Elliot

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