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In May 2015 I met Daniel Rachel, we spoke about how he was a musician turned author, and had two websites, and how I was a web developer. This led to him suggesting that I migrate the framework and content of one of his websites to be held under another of his websites

I agreed to help him, as despite my limited PHP and Wordpress knowledge, I was confident I could help migrate his website to a new domain.

First Stages

First I was tasked with looking at the existing set-up of the websites, seeing what needed to be done to move one website to a dedicated host under the other domain.

The first problem I encountered was that it was hosted on a shared cloud platform, meaning simply switching the DNS of one website to point to the others would not work.

Daniel took my advice and bought some hosting suitable for the new website, then the Wordpress database and files had to be migrated across to the new server.

Migration Problems

Upon it being hosted on the new server I encountered many issues with various links, images and uploads pointing to the old server, I therefore had to manually update some admin files and replace all instances of the original server in the code. it required me to learn basic PHP and also learn about Wordpress administration.

I successfully solved all issues with the website migration through talks with Daniel and the web hosts, I also helped Daniel by correcting issues that were present in the CSS of the original website.


His website has since been updated, you can see Daniel's website here.

The website was fully functioning, with all paths and settings correctly pointing to his new web address and new DNS. This includes his other domains.

In doing this project I have learnt how to convert a clients brief into an actual result, learnt more about Odin Plex, Wordpress, PHP and furthered my knowledge of FTP, HTML and CSS

"I’m not one for the technical side of website issues. Enter Lewis. As problems amounted he successfully tackled them one by one achieving a fully functioning new site, much to my relief and full-satisfaction."
Daniel Rachel

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