Leftymod for Factorio

This mod is pluggable into your game with a simple file structure, or by inserting the zip into the mod folder.
It requires Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates for carbon to correctly show in game.
This mod creates an alternative method to create plastic without coal, and also (if mining sulfur with Bob's Ores) without using Oil/Petroleum Gas.
It requires balancing, currently the research may be out of sync, but as the game is in alpha and bob's mods are updated regularly, it is not a priority to balance it perfectly at this time
However I believe the plastic creation is balanced well, as it can use the same coal/petroleum amount as the base game but with an extra "cost" of some water.
It also requires a locale for the research. The research is not necessary, as the recipes can be unlocked using the console command /c game.player.force.enableallrecipes()



Download (for 0.16+) Download (for 0.14+) Download (for 0.13+) Download (for 0.12+)

Mirror (for 0.16+) Mirror (for 0.14+) Mirror (for 0.13+) Mirror (for 0.12+)

Side Inserters mod

I contributed to the Side Inserters mod in 2016 (Game version 0.12) to get it to work with Bob's Mods properly.