Total War Modifications: Other Total War Games

An example of shield values in the Pack File Manager.

Since Empire Total War, the games have been using a newer engine (named Warscape) I am able to modify many aspects of the games, Empire Total War, Napoleon Total War, Total War: Shogun II, Total War: Rome II & Total War: Attila.
It includes:
  • Usage of internal and external programmes including The Total War Assembly Kits, Pack File Manager (external fan-made application to parse and edit in-game files), Photoshop, GIMP, Audiokinetic: Wwise, and Notepad (HTML, XML and some in-game code)
  • Troubleshooting compatibility between various modifications.
  • Modifying areas of the game to balance better and/or be more historically accurate.
  • Modification of various shaders, graphical options and depth of field to develop a greater feel to the game without performance problems.
  • Various graphics edited or newly created for use in-game
  • Troubleshooting poor and ineffective coding, also removing/reusing legacy coding.
  • Various scripting and AI coding.
  • ESF editing, to determine various in-game attributes.
  • Database editing and mapping of the database.

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