The complex engine behind this website

This website is scaleable to mobile and tablet devices in part due to Bootstrap and the Bootswatch Cerulean theme.
On top of this I have created several custom elements that are used on top of the Bootstrap/Cerulean base. This includes the Praetoria class, which is used on the Total War pages.

In addition to this I have created various bootstrap elements and styles, which are used on the website.


This website runs on jQuery, Modernizr & Bootstrap JS Library
The code segments on the website use a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript called Rainbow with an adapted version of Blackboard CSS.
The date is written at the bottom of each page using DateTime + "Numeris Romanis" JS as shown in My Codepen with the JavaScript roman numeral converter.
Some custom scripts including a New Year/Xmas announcing JS
On the Total War page I also run a simple JavaScript function to pull the date in Ab Urbe Condita (Literally translated as "From the city having been founded").
On the index page I run a simple JavaScript function that reads the localcation.hostname and if it matches my other domain it changes the welcome message.


The website uses several fonts: Open Sans, Lato and Roboto Fonts from Google Fonts along with my Factoryoh Font

Other code & effects

Other effects/codes are from various generous coders:
Some CSS3 effects by James Star.
Wikipedia's external link CSS class.
Bootstrap's website's Glyphicons list CSS classes, adapted for the glyph charts on webfont pages.
Some CSS adapted from CSS in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 files.
Loader CSS on the error pages adapted from this Codepen
404 page Made from scratch. using CSS animations for the cursor. Also utilises this Codepen for the glitch effect.
Contact page button display adapted from this Codepen
The favicon HTML script is written after extensive research into the specifications of various devices and some testing on various platforms and browsers.